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SEO Blogger vs Wordpress which is better?

When going to create a website, especially in the form of a blog which is better Blogger or Wordpress. You will hear from most people comparing the use of SEO Blogger, and Wordpress Org. Some think that choosing SEO blogspot is better, but others think the opposite.

Because of this difference of opinion that makes people, especially those who are beginners and laymen in the internet world, feel confused about making choices. Therefore, information about which platform comparison is more appropriate for you to use is needed. Creating and building a blog site page is not easy and fast, but it takes a lot of time.

Why? Because you have to determine some basic things that are important. Yes, including learning SEO techniques, how to promote the blog, either through search engines or the use of social networks to get lots of visitors. And especially what is more important is to determine the platform used to achieve your goals.

For that, you also need to understand and understand the ins and outs, how to work, the advantages and disadvantages of the blogging platform you choose. Today on the internet, there are many types of blogspot examples that you can find related to web creation purposes. For example, such as fashion, beauty bloggers, food bloggers, travel bloggers and many other kinds of blogs.

Indeed, with this everyone can start a blog, especially the development of increasingly modern technology is also very helpful. What is concerned is the process of managing and placing web content. Well, each platform has differences for it, including different designs and features.

Are you sure you decide on a platform? Want to use SEO from Blogger or Wordpress? If you are not convinced and get the best answer for it. So, please refer to the description of the explanation below which will explain to you in detail and detail the comparison of Wordpress VS Blogger. Starting from what blogspot and WordPress are, costs and how to get started. This can help you decide which one is better suited to your needs and goals in creating a blog. The following is a complete explanation.

SEO Blogger vs Wordpress which is better?


Currently, Blogspot is owned by Google, so it will offer more built-in facilities and features from Google, such as Adsense, Analytics and Adwords. So that this one site can be very useful for beginners. Blogger itself is one of the first forms of user interface friendly for bloggers and was founded for the first time in 1999 in the city of San Francisco.

After a few years, the small company built by Pyra Labs started generating more users and generating traffic. In 2002, they made a withdrawal in several hundred thousand users. Well, after being purchased by Google, they specialized in easy-to-use interfaces because they didn't require many features. At this point the site has not changed much from before.


Wordpess was created a year before Google finally bought blogspot. Now this platform was created with the aim of providing more complex blogging activities to bloggers. Wordpess was created in a simple style with photos and written content that shine even more on its website widgets. This WordPress was made for PHP and MySQL which was originally called b2 / cafelog.

Unlike blogspot, wordpress offers itself more to experienced users. Simple features and an easy-to-use interface for new users are very suitable however, it will be easier to improve or develop by advanced users.


1. Usage Fee

Before deciding between the two platforms, the first thing you can find out is the cost. So, the rates and prices charged on the platforms are different. For example, in blogspot, it might look more attractive because its use is completely free and at no cost. If you intend to buy a domain name for your website, then you need to pay a certain rate or around 10 US dollars.

However, this is just an optional extra. You can just keep using the free sub domain that they provide for free. Meanwhile, wordpress also offers a free blog using the default sub domain name provided. If you want to buy a certain domain name to make it look more professional.

Then you just have to pay 10 US dollars and determine which company to host the website used so that it can be accessed on the internet. At this stage you need additional costs to manage your website so that it grows fast. On the following occasion, you will also need to upgrade your Wordpress account, which will also require more costs.

2. How to get started

If you have an active gmail account, you can immediately use it to create an account on blogspot and start creating your blog. If you don't have a Gmail account, feel free to create one first and then use it to create and manage a blog. Interestingly, here you can create several blogs with the same account.

As for wordpress, how to start it is different from blogspot. Here you only need to visit and register or register. If you intend to use paid wordpress, then first you need to register your domain name and hosting before finally running Wordpress.

3. Configure the Website and create Content

After you have finished creating a blog on your blogspot, then the next thing you need to do is get used to publishing content on your new blog page. In blogspot you will work with the dashboard on your website while the visitors will later access it on the front-end of your site.

So, if you want to set some settings on your blog, such as changing the title, blog description and so on, you can use the settings area found on the dashboard. Furthermore, you are also possible to change the blog address or what is commonly known as a URL.

If you are curious and want to know more, you can customize the settings menu. There you can also make changes such as setting the number of posts displayed, the language used and the format and time zone which you will use to determine the date and time. If you want to add additional blog admins or authors, you can enter their email address and send them an invitation to join.

In this case also blogspot will provide services in the form of publishing content on the page of your site. Now the available pages you can also make a great place to place evergreen content that includes contact details, about the page, sitemap, conditions in your blog. Meanwhile, the post articles that you want to publish are the latest content and news-like content. How to configure between Blogspot and Wordpress is not much different.

Whether you use Wordpress or Blogspot, they both have the same ease of creating posts, inserting content and doing some basic formatting via the control line. In addition, it will also make it easier for you to preview the article before publishing it. After finishing sharing the article content on your web page. So, the next content and pages can be managed through the existing dashboard.

With Blogspot, new posts that appear on the homepage of your website will default to appear according to the last post you added. Just like Blogspot, Wordpress can be created in almost the same way. However, it's just that on wordpress you will see more settings and menu options at every step.

Unlike blogspot, which is sufficient to provide labels to group your content, in WordPress you are given the ability to categorize articles based on tags. Meanwhile, the editor on WordPress uses the same format and layout as Blogspot. You can save drafts, content previews, and publish options to make them available on the page online.

Additional User Accounts are also available on your WordPress. However, unlike blogspot, in wordpress there are a number of role options that control the level of access to your site. This serves to limit additional admin or author roles. For example, only the author is allowed to only make new posts but cannot edit the content and changes to the appearance and function of your site.

Therefore, from this explanation it can be concluded that blogspot and wordpress do have almost the same and similar processes. It's just that publishing with blogspot will be more to the point and easier while wordpress will provide many options.

4. Customization Options

Wordpress is far ahead of blogspot when we look at it in terms of customization. The simple things you can see are like the pages and not the content of your blog on the homepage, and this will be very easy for wordpress to do compared to Blogspot. If you previously intended to create a traditional website, WordPress is easier to set up because there is a static homepage.

Apart from that Wprdpress also allows you to have many choices in determining website themes and plugins. If you use blogspot, there are only a few templates that you can choose from the third party, while the WordPress Templates have provided up to thousands of interesting web themes and designs. In Wordpress customization you will also be helped in terms of putting various features and customizing functions easily on your website.

5. Control and Ownership

If you use Wordpress, you are free to use ownership and control at will because the software is open source and your web hosting will have their own terms and conditions. If you later violate the provisions of the hosting company, then you can move the hosting to another company.

Meanwhile, Blogspot will be bound by the terms and conditions by Google. So if Google feels your account has violated the rules, they can immediately delete or close your account. Google itself often turns off its services, such as Google Reader. So even though Google itself can last for a long time, this cannot guarantee that blogspot will also last.

As for WordPress, which is open source software and can be developed by anyone. Even if each member stops working on this software, chances are that their role can be continued by other volunteers. Besides that, because WordPress is needed by many business people, many companies are willing to contribute so that this blogging software will survive.

6. Maintenance and Support

By comparison, Wordpress is much more open and configurable by nature. It's just that, because there is a lot of freedom given from installing plugins, editing your own code, and customizing the website according to your own wishes. So as a result, if whatever is done there is a mistake that will greatly affect your website. However, take it easy because it is not without a solution. Wordpress provides a large community for dealing with problems that occur on your site.

Commercial support forums are also available to assist you with a number of fees. The website hosting company you use will also provide you with some of the assistance you need. Meanwhile, blogspot does not have support like Wordpress. However, if you prefer to use blogspot, the mistakes that may occur will not have a big impact on the website so you don't need special handling for it.

7. Community

In terms of community, WordPress has a fairly dynamic community. This can be seen from events around the world such as Wordcamp. Not only that, there will be many meetings taking place within the wordpress community. By following it you will get a lot of interesting information starting from Wordpress publishing tips, tutorials, guides, products and the latest developments that occur in wordpress. So in this case blogspot also cannot compete with Wordpress because on blogspot there are only a few services from third parties to discuss about blogspot.

8. Potential

The potential aspects of these two platforms together provide various conveniences in a simple site creation process. Blogspot is made very simple for those of you who are beginners. And know all the great things in the internet world can happen, for example a simple blogspot can be famous and of course it will be a very promising business field. However, the blogspot management steps themselves do not offer the same growth as Wordpress.

Wordpress really can't be beat. But for that, you also have to pay a certain amount of money per month to keep your website online. WordPress does not limit your online aspirations whereas for blogspot you only accept what you see. No new services can be added such as code access and plugins. New capabilities that are added regularly in WordPress do not exist in blogspot.


Whether blogspot or Wordpress, they have their own charm. It also depends on your point of view, because everyone's opinion is different according to their needs. The most important thing before choosing What you need to think about is the purpose of your site is made.

If you want a blog to share your thoughts with the world and that is functional with a modern and stylish design, simply blogspot is the best choice. However, if you have bigger plans and goals for your website, feel free to use WordPress with its open source feature. It's just that WordPress is more demanding in terms of cost.

This is a complete description of the discussion of the two well-known platforms that are in great demand by the public as a support for their online business. Of course, from this information you can see and conclude yourself about each of its advantages, disadvantages, features of the web, its quality and several other things that you should consider first. Whether later your choice falls on SEO Wordpess or Blogger, at least you are equipped with basic knowledge and an introduction to using a platform.

Hopefully the comparison between WordPress and Blogger above can help you make the right decision for your online venture. Then you can find out more information about the web page development process and learn to understand the SEO techniques needed to build your blog even better.

You can also find out more about guides and discussions related to the world of blogging. Starting from how to attract more readers and visitors to the blog, tips and tricks for blogging for beginners to how to make money from the blog. So much the latest information that can be shared, hopefully useful, good luck and good luck.

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