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AMP Blog Explanation is Brief and Clear

Some people may already know what AMP is. What is meant by Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) is a feature from Google that can be easily implemented on your personal website. The advantage with the AMP feature is to ensure that the content on your website can be accessed faster. So that it can increase the number of visitors on websites that have AMP features.

In the way Google AMP works, it's basically almost similar to Facebook Instant Articles. However, Google AMP features are used on different platforms. Facebook Instant Articles uses a social media platform in the form of Facebook, unlike Google AMP which uses the Google search engine as its platform. You can view a website that uses the Google AMP feature directly using Google search results.

Then how to increase blog or website visitors by using the Google AMP feature. Because basically, Google AMP firur will make your website pages lighter and easier to access. In applications such as CSS, JavaScript, and HTML will be minimized by the presence of AMP so that it takes less time to load and is effective.

Technically, here the AMP feature will store the website cache at first. And this cache will later be loaded back into a browser so you don't need to download files repeatedly to just open a website page that will be opened if the address is the same. To create a Google AMP page, there are three main components you need.


In AMP HTML is a part of HTML for article content such as news and others. In AMP HTML consists of custom tags such as amp-image, amp ad, and amp-video. The AMP HTML structure itself will minimize the use of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML tags. This way to increase blog visitors through an AMP HTML feature will give priority to access via a mobile. Some of the things you can do with the AMP HTML feature include adjusting images, reducing the size of CSS or HTML and also doing inline CSS.


The definition of AMP JS is a framework in JavaScript that aims to speed up access via a mobile device or smartphone with an asynchronous method. The rendering process on this website page will be faster with AMP JS. However, you need to remember, in that the use of JavaScript itself from a third party cannot be done by AMP. Also Read: High traffic blogs accept Content Placement articles.


Which is when Google AMP is in charge of storing website files so that when you access them repeatedly you don't have to take them back on the computer server. The cache will be activated when a visitor accesses your website or opens the same website. So that access becomes faster. This is what underlies the additional AMP features to make it easier to access your website.

Then there are the benefits of Google AMP. Here are some of the benefits you can get

Increase Blog or Website Visitors

One of the goals of the google AMP is for easy and fast access. So that it will increase the number of visitors on the website and you. Visitors will leave your blog if the pagespeed or speed is below average. Besides that, slow blogs are also difficult to compete on the Google homepage.

Increase Your Website Ranking

With fast loading, the Google search engine will indirectly rank well on your website. because of fast loading and the number of visits in the block or website. Who does not like and be happy when his Blog ranking on Alexa increases even through large sites. By looking at these parameters we can make sure that every article made will be Page One young on the Google homepage.

Want to know much more about the latest Blog Tutorial Information, Internet Tricks Tips, Computers and other interesting info, you can visit the site. Happy learning to blog, I hope this information is useful and don't forget to leave comments to keep this blog alive, that's all and thank you.

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